Feb 23, 2022

Antipolo: Your Local Neighborhood Guide

Imagine living near the mountainside with fresh cool air and a peaceful environment to wake up to every day. Despite being an immediate neighbor of Metro Manila and considered as the most populous city in CALABARZON, Antipolo City has a distinctive culture and lifestyle that sets it apart from its bordering cities. 

Antipolo is widely known as the “Pilgrimage Capital of the Philippines” because of its churches and cathedrals that shelter the relics and images of venerated saints. This leads to many people visiting these religious sites, making pilgrimages and offering prayers. 

Aside from the religious visits, there’s definitely more to Antipolo that are worth considering. The area is also called the “City in the Sky,” often sought after by those coming from the National Capital Region as they can feel serenity and isolation without being too far from urbanized districts. It’s almost like having a daily vacation because of the scenic views and pleasant climate. 

Approximately 26 kilometers to the east of Metro Manila, this capital city of Rizal is a great place to find your new home. With this local neighborhood guide, you can learn and explore more about visiting as well as living in Antipolo. 

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Brief History of Antipolo 

Named after the tipolo (breadfruit) tree that is abundant in the area, Antipolo City was first inhabited by Franciscan missionaries in 1578 but later on replaced by the Jesuits. The new missionaries were the ones who helped establish the village into a parish. In 1601, the Christian population eventually increased to around 3,000 because of the indigenous Dumagat people who transferred to and settled in the area. 

Fast forward to 1901, Antipolo was officially incorporated into the newly established Province of Rizal. This included the towns of Manila Province and Morong District. In 1903, Antipolo, Teresa, and Boso-Boso were merged. 

The town was expanded further in 1913, adding the sitios of Bulao and Mayamot. Six years later, however, Teresa eventually became an independent municipality. By 1908, a railway infrastructure was inaugurated by the Manila Railroad Company.  

The Municipality of Antipolo was finally made into a component city of Rizal Province in 1998, after then-President Fidel V. Ramos signed Republic Act No. 8508. This was followed by an election wherein Angelito Gatlabayan became the first city mayor of Antipolo. 

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Neighbors and Nearby Places 

From surrounding cities to key establishments that are easily accessible and convenient, we have mapped them out for you in different categories. 

Bordering Cities  

There’s Bulacan to the northwest, Metro Manila to the west, Quezon Province to the east, and Laguna to the southeast. To the south of Antipolo is Laguna de Bay. 

Historical Sites 

  • Our Lady of Antipolo Shrine 
  • Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary 
  • Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage 
  • Jardin de Miramar (ancient ruins) 
  • Boso-Boso Church 
  • Diocesan Shrine and Parish of St. Therese of the Child Jesus 
  • St. Francis of Assisi Chapel 
  • Antipolo Cathedral 

Education Institutions 

  • Georgia International Academy 
  • WILL School of Antipolo 
  • Marcelli School of Antipolo 
  • Palmes School of Antipolo 
  • Hillcrest School Antipolo 
  • Saint Regina Academy of Antipolo City 
  • Harvest International School 
  • Saint John Mary Vianney Academy of Antipolo 
  • St. Augustine School of Nursing – East Rizal 
  • PAREF Rosehill School 
  • Santo Niño De Antipolo School 
  • Antipolo National High School 
  • Antipolo Immaculate Conception School 
  • Summerville Academy, Inc. 
  • St. Benedict School 
  • Gen’s School Of Learning Of Antipolo City Inc. 
  • Antipolo Immaculate Conception School (HS) 
  • Holy Spirit Integrated School 
  • Our Lady of Peace School 
  • St. Catherine Special Learning Center 

Commercial Centers 

  • Xentro Mall Antipolo 
  • Antipolo valley mall 
  • Antipolo Triangle Mall 
  • Robinsons Place Antipolo 
  • Xentro Mall Antipolo – Annex 
  • iMall Antipolo 
  • Victory Park and Shop 
  • Emraud Square Plaza 
  • Vista Mall Antipolo 
  • C&B Circle Mall Antipolo 
  • SM Hypermart 
  • FEHA Promenade Mall 
  • L-Square Building 
  • SM Cherry Antipolo 
  • Assumption Mall by Rockwell 
  • Hillside Centre Plaza 
  • Circle Mall 
  • Tri Star Agora Commercial Complex 
  • Walter Mart Mall Antipolo 

Recreational Facilities 

  • Forest Hills Golf and Country Club 
  • PACEM (Peace and Care for Earth Ministry) Eco Park 
  • Philip’s Sanctuary 
  • Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa 
  • Bosay Resort 
  • Boso-Boso Highlands Resort and Hotel 
  • Louisse Private Resort 
  • Altaroca Mountain Resort and Convention Center 
  • Cristina Villas Mountain Resort 
  • Seven Suites Hotel Observatory 
  • Mount Purro Nature Reserve 
  • Antipolo Star Resort 
  • Date and Dine Resort 
  • Cloud 9 Resort 
  • Loreland Farm Resort 
  • LeBlanc Hotel and Resort 

Transportation and Getting Around 

Places are easily accessible via jeepney or tricycle. Antipolo is accessible from Metro Manila by taking the LRT-2 to Santolan Station. From there, there are FX vehicles and jeepneys heading to Antipolo. 

Here are nearby stops near and along Antipolo:  

  • Sumulong Highway 
  • Ortigas Avenue Extension 
  • Evergreen St. Intersection 
  • EDSA/Shaw Central 
  • Sumulong Memorial Circle 
  • Hon. B. Soliven Ave 
  • Zigzag Road 

Why Visit or Live in Antipolo 

Because of its high altitude and relatively cooler weather, Antipolo has become a go-to destination for many locals and tourists. Whether you’re planning to visit or permanently reside in the city, here are important things that you need to take note of. 

Space and Environment  

With a topography that is generally described as hilly and mountainous, Antipolo has well-watered valleys and elevated villages. Plateaus that are more than 200 meters above sea level are visible in the western view, including portions of Barangay Cupang, San Juan, and Poblacion. 

Nature is scientifically proven to boost both your mental and physical health. Antipolo doesn’t just offer you vast open spaces but also breathtaking panoramic views and a wide variety of outdoor recreational options. Some premium villages also preserve and maintain open spaces that will remain untouched by future developments. 


Antipolo deploys high morale and professional security measures for its citizens and establishments. Here are the security agencies that aim to provide a secure environment and good welfare for the city: 

  • Bestpatrol Security Corp. 
  • Light A Security Agency 
  • ZYPRIME Security Services 
  • Antipolo City Police Station 
  • City PNP Main Station Antipolo 


Aside from tight security measures, Antipolo also offers well-maintained health care facilities and medical centers. The following is a list of highly trusted hospitals in the city: 

  • Metro Antipolo Hospital and Medical Center   
  • Antipolo City Hospital System Annex 4 
  • Rizal Provincial Hospital System Antipolo Annex 

Ease of Doing Business 

Antipolo is an ideal place to build mass housing, resorts, commercial complexes, as well as retirement communities. Considering the growing population and influx of tourists, these establishments are constantly in demand. The mountainous areas can also be developed as elevated demonstration farms for vegetable plantations, fruits, and bamboo. 

Cost of Living in Antipolo 

The cost of living in Antipolo is much less than living in Metro Manila. The cost of living per person in Antipolo averages around PHP26,123.39 per person and PHP83,306.88 for a family of four members. 

High-End Subdivisions You Can Call Home   

While living in the city can be convenient and has many benefits, it can also be exhausting. You may want to consider residing in a location that’s close to busy cities but also allows you to experience a relaxed provincial lifestyle. Here are high-end subdivisions in Antipolo where you can have the best of both worlds. 

Eastland Heights 

Surrounded by lush terrains and picturesque views of the mountains, Eastland Heights showcases a 640-hectare development and luxurious amenities such as a clubhouse, cabanas, pools, indoor tennis court, and a bar with al fresco dining. 

Camella Crestwood Heights   

While still being in close proximity to Metro Manila, you can live a comfortable provincial life in this American-inspired development. Guards regularly patrol the area and the community has a 24-hour guarded entrance gate. 

Mille Luce Subdivision 

If you’re looking for ranch-type grounds, a butterfly sanctuary, and a fern garden, then Mille Luce Subdivision is the place to be. The development offers cozy homes that are Italian-inspired and situated atop the Antipolo hills, giving you a magnificent view of the city. 

Mission Hills at Havila 

You’ll feel like you’re strolling around the vibrant streets of Spain when you reside in Mission Hills at Havila. This development offers nearly a hundred hectares of vast terrains and modern Spanish-inspired homes. Various leisure, commercial, and medical establishments are also a short distance away. 

St. Gabriel Heights 

Part of Avida Land’s 21-hectare property in the city of Antipolo, this gated community is filled with Mediterranean-inspired homes and strategically planned to cater to the needs of young professionals and growing families. You can also feel safe and have peace of mind with the community’s 24-hour security system. 

Antipolo Neighborhood Guide

Food and Lifestyle 

Antipolo is jam-packed with things to do and places to explore. You can immerse yourself in art, satisfy your palate, drop by beautiful churches, pamper yourself, and connect with nature. Here are categorized lists of the must-visit places. 

Top Restaurants 

  • Tahanan Bistro (Loresville Drive) 
  • Burrow Café at Antipolo Beehouse (Beverly Hills Avenue) 
  • Yellow Bird Cafe x Kitchen (Mission Hills) 
  • Chives Bistro and Market (EM Gems Building) 
  • Vieux Chalet (Taktak Road) 
  • Tipulo Filipino Modern Cuisine (Sumulong Highway) 
  • Yellow Lantern Cafe (Sumulong Highway) 
  • Leon Authentic Mexican (Sumulong Memorial Circle) 
  • ArtSector Gallery & Chimney Cafe (Eastridge Executive Village) 
  • Katsu House (Beverly Hills Subdivision) 

Must-See Tourist Attractions 

  • PACEM (Peace and Care for Earth Ministry) Eco Park  
  • Nelly’s Mystical Cave 
  • Casa Santa Museum 
  • Cloud 9 (panoramic views of Metro Manila and other bordering cities) 
  • Mount Purro Nature Reserve 
  • Pinto Art Museum 
  • Basilica of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage 
  • Hinulugang Taktak Falls 
  • Via Dolorosa 
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Bars and Pubs  

  • Bar 360° 
  • The Rooftop Bar & Cafe 
  • Hippers Bar and Resto 
  • Outrigger Bar & Resto 
  • Mt. Makatubong Bar & Grill 
  • Santai Resto Bar 

Lifestyle Hubs 

  • Forest Hills Golf and Country Club  
  • PACEM (Peace and Care for Earth Ministry) Eco Park  
  • Philip’s Sanctuary  
  • Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa  
  • Bosay Resort  
  • Boso-Boso Highlands Resort and Hotel  
  • Louisse Private Resort  
  • Altaroca Mountain Resort and Convention Center  
  • Cristina Villas Mountain Resort  
  • Seven Suites Hotel Observatory  
  • Mount Purro Nature Reserve  
  • Antipolo Star Resort  
  • Date and Dine Resort  
  • Cloud 9 Resort  
  • Loreland Farm Resort  
  • LeBlanc Hotel and Resort 

Available Listings To Check Out 

Are you looking for a new home in Antipolo, Rizal? You can check out these available listings on our online real estate platform, enta.ph: 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re now determined and seriously considering moving to the progressive yet peaceful city that is Antipolo, let this local neighborhood guide help you in finding your new home. 

For more neighborhood guides and other valuable resources on the Philippine real estate landscape, stay updated and in the know by visiting www.enta.ph/blog

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