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Antipolo: Your Local Neighborhood Guide

Antipolo Neighborhood Guide

Imagine living near the mountainside with fresh cool air and a peaceful environment to wake up to every day. Despite being an immediate neighbor of Metro Manila and considered as the most populous city in CALABARZON, Antipolo City has a distinctive culture and lifestyle that sets it apart from its bordering cities.  Antipolo is widely … Read more

Reconstructing the Future: A Comprehensive Guide to Philippine Architecture

Philippine Architecture

The Philippines is an archipelago that is rich in culture and breathtaking destinations. It’s widely known around the world for its pristine islands and many other scenic attractions. There’s one thing, however, that most people generally overlook even though it’s equally worth the attention: Philippine architecture.  Because of our colonial past, architecture in the Philippines … Read more

Modern Filipino Interior Design for Your Home

interior design

The nature and fundamentals of interior design are inherent to the field of architecture. They are an integration of planning, designing, and the final execution of furnishings and building interiors.  By going through rigorous examinations and training, along with learning from experience, an interior designer is equipped to manage all the stages of production and … Read more

Baguio: Your Local Neighborhood Guide

Baguio Neighborhood Guide

The northern parts of the island of Luzon boast a number of beautiful panoramic provinces, each with its breathtaking features and unique stories. We have the well-preserved Spanish town of Vigan, the land of smiling beauty that is Cagayan, and the country’s “Home of the Winds,” Batanes. And then of course, we have the summer … Read more

Land Title and Land Title Registration: Everything You Need To Know

land title

When you’ve got properties to take care of, you’d have to deal with a lot of details that you might consider as being in a gray area. They not only concern financial transactions but also involve a series of legal procedures.   As a property owner, it is in your best interest to have a more … Read more

A Guide to Popular House Designs in the Philippines

house designs

Living with style and in comfort starts with choosing the right home with an architectural structure that caters to your needs. Whether you live in an urban or rural area, there is an abundance of house designs that should suit your lifestyle.  Before settling on a particular house, it’s best to know what suits you … Read more

So You Want To Be a Real Estate Broker? Here’s How

real estate broker

Have you ever thought about being a real estate broker or wondered what it’s like to be one? Being a broker is not about breaking houses, or worse, hearts. Kidding aside, all it takes to become a real estate broker is to get a bachelor’s degree in real estate management, then apply for a license … Read more

Through Sun, Wind, and Rain: Modern Tropical Architecture in the Philippines

tropical architecture

In the Philippines, which is geographically located near the equator, the weather can be scorching hot during the summer season or confronted by torrential rains brought about by typhoons and the southwest monsoon (habagat).  Unfortunately, except for a few places such as Batanes, the country has always had traditional house designs and construction methods that … Read more

Swimming Pool at Home: Is It Worth It and How Much Does it Cost?

swimming pool at home

In a tropical country like the Philippines (where it’s hot most of the time and scorching during summer), taking a dip in a swimming pool is one of the best ways to feel refreshed.  While most people would head to higher altitudes with cooler climes (like Tagaytay or Baguio), others prefer going to the beach … Read more

Go Green: Outdoor and Indoor Plants That Will Enhance Your Home

plants that will enhance your home

Since the pandemic began, there has been a growing number of “plantitos” and “plantitas” who found solace in their gardens. The seemingly endless quarantine implementations are made bearable, thanks to the magic of growing plants. Having a so-called green thumb even became a household trend among the uncle and auntie generation.  Whether you live in … Read more