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Philippine Architectural Gems: 20 of the Most Beautiful Buildings in the Philippines

As an archipelago with a tropical climate, the Philippines is mainly known for its natural attractions ranging from scenic views and pristine white beaches. But aside from these breathtaking destinations, the country also boasts a rich and complex architectural landscape that was developed through the years by local traditions and culture as well as foreign … Read more

The Best Churches in Manila To Visit for Visita Iglesia

When Spain colonized the Philippines, it brought with it the Roman Catholic religion and practices. The spread of Catholicism resulted in the building of many beautiful churches throughout the archipelago.  Visita Iglesia, literally “church visit,” is one of the most popular activities observed by Roman Catholics across the Philippines during Holy Week. Usually done on … Read more

The Gateway to the Philippines: Your Neighborhood Guide to Pasay City

our Neighborhood Guide to Pasay City

Offering a picturesque view of the Manila Bay, Pasay City remains to be one of the premier lifestyle destinations in Metro Manila. This busy city is not only a major transportation hub but is also home to cultural sites and museums. It offers plenty of options for leisure and entertainment. This guide should help you … Read more