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Green Buildings in the Philippines and the LEED Certification

green buildings

As the effects of climate change have become more apparent, people have started to realize that they must do their share to save the environment. One catchphrase that sums up this movement is “Go green.”   Going green means being mindful of the impact on the planet of your lifestyle and life choices. The goal is … Read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Foreclosed Properties

buying foreclosed properties

If you’ve been looking into property or home ownership for quite some time, you may already have come across the term “foreclosed properties” in your search. Foreclosed properties are those that have been taken over by lenders because the previous owners had been unable to pay their monthly amortizations.   Although it may seem complicated and … Read more

The Safest Cities in the Philippines + Urban Safety Tips

Safest Cities in the Philippines

Living in an urban city has a lot of perks such as the accessibility to commercial, educational, business, and government establishments and other essentials. Because of this, people flock to these areas resulting in a high population. Eventually, this brings a new concern for homebuyers and travelers to the area: safety and security.  In this … Read more

Property Laws: A Closer Look at the Maceda and Recto Laws

property laws

Property laws may seem too overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Today, we will be discussing the laws that govern the terms of installment payments both on personal and real estate properties. You need to know your rights as a buyer here because installments aren’t exactly as straightforward as it looks.  Prices of basic goods … Read more

Business Location: 10 Factors That Should Help You Decide

Business Location 10 Factors That Should Help You Decide

If there’s one thing that entrepreneurs should never overlook, it’s the significance of the business location. According to research, where your business is located is one of the most substantial elements for its success.  However, there is no absolute definition of a perfect location for your shop or office, as each place would most likely … Read more

Philippine Students’ Cost of Living: A Closer Look

Philippine Students’ Cost of Living: A Closer Look

The cost of living for students, particularly those in college, varies greatly depending on the costs of tuition, transportation, accommodation, and goods and services where a student is located. Just how much does a student need nowadays to pursue a college education? College life plays a crucial part in a young person’s life. Whether you’re … Read more