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Top Real Estate News of the Week – July 15–21, 2022

real estate news - SDC

Need to catch up with what’s happening in the Philippine real estate industry? Here’s a roundup of the top real estate news this week (July 15-21, 2022). “In inflationary times, foreign and local financial gurus are almost unanimous in suggesting that investment in real estate may be one of the best ways to preserve and … Read more

Best Place To Live: 10 Factors To Consider

best place to live

 Since the dawn of man, there have been two perpetual questions running in their restless minds: “What to eat?” and “Where to live?” Finding the best place to live, especially, can be a challenge, as there are so many factors to consider in choosing the perfect place to settle down. Worry not, as we have … Read more

RFO Units: 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy

Why You Should Buy an RFO Unit

There are two kinds of buyers of residential properties: those who don’t mind waiting for several months for the house they are purchasing to be built and those who want to move into their new home immediately. It’s for this latter reason that RFO units exist. (No, they’re not related to UFOs.)  What Are the … Read more

How To Start a Career in Real Estate in the Philippines

How To Start a Career in Real Estate in the Philippines

Real estate is one industry that has maintained relative stability despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s not that surprising, given the fact that housing is a basic need, and the price of land actually appreciates in general over time. Even used houses can be sold at a profit with some simple renovations.  … Read more

Getting To Know the Land Registration Authority

land registration authority

Dealing with land title registration is arguably one of the biggest responsibilities a property owner has. From verification to transaction, you must take every step carefully to avoid losing your property to disputes, or at the very least save you from future headaches and heartbreaks. Fortunately, you have the Land Registration Authority to help safeguard … Read more