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Brutalist Buildings in the Philippines

check out the architectural gems that are brutalist buildings in the philippines

It’s easy to get caught up in the busy crowds and jam-packed streets in Metro Manila. But if you just take the time to look up, you might catch a glimpse of some of the most famous brutalist buildings in the Philippines. Architects and civilians alike either loved or hated the brutalist design. Though often … Read more

Eminent Philippine Architects and Their Famous Works

These national artists for architecture were behind some of the most iconic structures in the Philippines

The varied influences in most of our physical structures have led many to believe that the Philippines does not have a definitive architectural style. However, getting to know the most eminent Philippine architects should change their perspective. Their works and dedication to the craft have made them national artists. Read about them to know more … Read more

Philippine Architectural Gems: 20 of the Most Beautiful Buildings in the Philippines

As an archipelago with a tropical climate, the Philippines is mainly known for its natural attractions ranging from scenic views and pristine white beaches. But aside from these breathtaking destinations, the country also boasts a rich and complex architectural landscape that was developed through the years by local traditions and culture as well as foreign … Read more

The Best Churches in Manila To Visit for Visita Iglesia

When Spain colonized the Philippines, it brought with it the Roman Catholic religion and practices. The spread of Catholicism resulted in the building of many beautiful churches throughout the archipelago.  Visita Iglesia, literally “church visit,” is one of the most popular activities observed by Roman Catholics across the Philippines during Holy Week. Usually done on … Read more

Reconstructing the Future: A Comprehensive Guide to Philippine Architecture

Philippine Architecture

The Philippines is an archipelago that is rich in culture and breathtaking destinations. It’s widely known around the world for its pristine islands and many other scenic attractions. There’s one thing, however, that most people generally overlook even though it’s equally worth the attention: Philippine architecture.  Because of our colonial past, architecture in the Philippines … Read more