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Sustainable Living: Tips and Ideas for Your Home

what is sustainable living? read on and find out.

Despite what naysayers say, global warming as an effect of climate change is a reality that everyone on the planet faces today. To mitigate its negative effect, experts say there should be a general shift toward sustainable living and more efficient use of energy. It’s now highly crucial to take the time to learn sustainable … Read more

10 Luxury Condominiums in Metro Manila Worth Checking Out

luxury condominiums in metro manila offer both opulence and great amenities

Luxury condominiums in Metro Manila are a breed apart. Not only do they command a very high price tag, they also have features and characteristics that the rest wouldn’t have. These include being in a strategic location and having unimpeded vistas, distinctive architecture, fewer units per floor, a spacious area, and an ideal ceiling height. … Read more

Green Spaces in Metro Manila: Oases in the City

Metro Manila needs more green spaces

We often get lost in the everyday hustle and bustle of the city and feel trapped inside the concrete jungle. For this reason, we sometimes find ourselves longing for some fresh air to relax and get our bearings back. Fortunately, amidst the tall buildings and the commercial establishments are green spaces that serve as an … Read more

The Safest Cities in the Philippines + Urban Safety Tips

Safest Cities in the Philippines

Living in an urban city has a lot of perks such as the accessibility to commercial, educational, business, and government establishments and other essentials. Because of this, people flock to these areas resulting in a high population. Eventually, this brings a new concern for homebuyers and travelers to the area: safety and security.  In this … Read more

Philippine Students’ Cost of Living: A Closer Look

Philippine Students’ Cost of Living: A Closer Look

The cost of living for students, particularly those in college, varies greatly depending on the costs of tuition, transportation, accommodation, and goods and services where a student is located. Just how much does a student need nowadays to pursue a college education? College life plays a crucial part in a young person’s life. Whether you’re … Read more

Fault Lines 101 for Homebuyers

fault lines for homebuyers

At least one time in your life, You may have heard the line, “It’s not your fault.” Don’t worry, we won’t be discussing anything cheeky here. We will, however, be talking about “faults” in relation to real estate. And those faults aren’t ours or yours.  In this article we will be fully discussing what fault … Read more

10 Best Cities for Expats Retiring in the Philippines

Best Cities for Expats Retiring in the Philippines

The Philippines continues to be a magnet for foreigners who want to go on vacation or are looking for the most ideal places and best cities for expats to live or retire in.  In 2021, more than 130,000 individuals from varied countries who held valid immigrant and non-immigrant visas issued by the Bureau of Immigration … Read more