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Sustainable Living: Tips and Ideas for Your Home

what is sustainable living? read on and find out.

Despite what naysayers say, global warming as an effect of climate change is a reality that everyone on the planet faces today. To mitigate its negative effect, experts say there should be a general shift toward sustainable living and more efficient use of energy. It’s now highly crucial to take the time to learn sustainable … Read more

Top Furniture Stores in the Philippines

Great finds await homeowners at any of the top furniture stores in the Philippines

Furniture brings style and personality to our homes. They also make our daily lives more comfortable and convenient. From quality, functionality, and durability to aesthetics, there are several things to consider when shopping at furniture stores in the Philippines. This can make it feel quite daunting. Additionally, furniture isn’t something you can just try out … Read more

Home Maintenance Tips To Keep Your House Clean and Cool

In the Philippines, there is technically no “summer” season, as the climate is only either rainy or dry. Filipinos, however, still commonly refer to the hot dry season that usually begins in March and ends in May or June as summer. Dealing with the scorching heat and intense humidity that this season brings also means … Read more

Don’t Flirt With Fire: A Homeowner’s Guide to Fire Prevention

fire prevention

March is the National Fire Prevention Month in the Philippines. Incidentally, the month marks the start of summertime and the number of fire-related incidents usually rises during this season. Fire prevention and getting ready for a fire-related emergency should be definitely the priority of a homeowner.  In light of the Fire Prevention Month, here is … Read more

Swimming Pool at Home: Is It Worth It and How Much Does it Cost?

swimming pool at home

In a tropical country like the Philippines (where it’s hot most of the time and scorching during summer), taking a dip in a swimming pool is one of the best ways to feel refreshed.  While most people would head to higher altitudes with cooler climes (like Tagaytay or Baguio), others prefer going to the beach … Read more

Go Green: Outdoor and Indoor Plants That Will Enhance Your Home

plants that will enhance your home

Since the pandemic began, there has been a growing number of “plantitos” and “plantitas” who found solace in their gardens. The seemingly endless quarantine implementations are made bearable, thanks to the magic of growing plants. Having a so-called green thumb even became a household trend among the uncle and auntie generation.  Whether you live in … Read more