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Top Furniture Stores in the Philippines

Great finds await homeowners at any of the top furniture stores in the Philippines

Furniture brings style and personality to our homes. They also make our daily lives more comfortable and convenient. From quality, functionality, and durability to aesthetics, there are several things to consider when shopping at furniture stores in the Philippines. This can make it feel quite daunting. Additionally, furniture isn’t something you can just try out … Read more

National Building Code of the Philippines: Explained

the national building code of the philippines helps keep structures safe

Anyone who’s ever been involved with a real estate project should be familiar with the National Building Code of the Philippines. But even they would do well to bookmark a summary of the law’s latest edition for future reference. If you’re a private individual planning to construct a new home or office or just do … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Construct a House in the Philippines?

To Construct a House in the Philippines

A Comprehensive Guide to House Construction Costs in the Philippines Nothing beats that accomplished feeling of moving into the house of your dreams. Maybe your casita is just around the corner, just waiting to be built.    To make this a reality, you’ll need to work for it and consider a lot of things, particularly house … Read more