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Top 10 Places to Retire in the Philippines: Luzon

Foreigners and Filipinos alike won't go wrong if they decide to retire in the Philippines

To retire in the Philippines is at the top of the wish list of many Filipinos working abroad and foreigners alike. With thousands of islands and a reputation for being one of the friendliest nations in the world, it’s no surprise that the country is where people want to retire. It also helps that it … Read more

Heritage towns in the Philippines: Worth the Visit

you should visit heritage towns in the philippines such as vigan at least once.

Those who value Filipino culture and traditions will be thankful that heritage towns in the Philippines, and even heritage houses, have endured. This is despite the continuous modernization of our society. From clothing and music to architecture, there have been obvious transformations in people’s preferences throughout the years. Indeed, more and more homes, buildings, and … Read more

NLEX: Your Road Trip Guide

Going up to North Luzon has become a breeze thanks to the NLEX

Planning a road trip to NLEX for a vacation up North ? If you are, pack your bags and save this guide as you’ll need it for the drive. Coming from the south or from Metro Manila, you can take NLEX to great destinations such as Subic Bay, Baguio, Pampanga, La Union, and countless other … Read more

Surf’s Up! The Hottest Surfing Spots in the Philippines

you'll find a lot of prime surfing spots in the philippines

Looking for the best surfing spots in the Philippines? That shouldn’t be a problem. With 7,107 islands making up our little archipelago, it’s no surprise that we have beautiful, endless beaches and gnarly waves to get every thrill-seeking surfer’s blood pumped up. So, what are the best spots to go to during surfing season here … Read more

Credit Score: Why It Matters

a higher credit score tells banks you are trustworthy

Do you happen to know what your credit score is? Take it from us, you should probably check what yours is right now. For all you know, it might prove important at some point in your life.  Let’s say that you’ve run into an emergency, and you need to borrow some money from the bank. … Read more

Historical Sites in Intramuros: 10 Must-Visit

Intramuros offers historical sites that you need to visit at least once

When thinking about the historical sites in Intramuros, the first ones that come to mind are the well-known Fort Santiago, the Romanesque architecture-inspired Manila Cathedral, the 400-century old San Agustin Church, and the panoramic Baluarte de San Diego. These   These places best express the cultural heritage and history of the Philippines. Whether you’re a local … Read more

Dining Places in BGC: 15 Must-Visit

Lots to savor and experience in any of the great dining places in BGC

Being one of the hippest destinations in the metro, the Bonifacio Global City neighborhood always has something fresh and delicious. Its affluent streets are lined with shops offering different gastronomic experiences, serving a variety of cuisine that appeals to a wide range of palates. Indeed, these dining places in BGC will always be a must-visit … Read more

Best Restaurants in Pasay: 12 Pleasures for Your Palate

Check out the best restaurants in Pasay.

Looking for the best restaurants in Pasay to satisfy your food cravings? You have set your sights correctly. When it comes to eating places offering a wide range of cuisines, you won’t run out of food choices in the city. It may even be difficult to keep track of all the restaurants that you must … Read more

Tagaytay Cafés to Visit: Sumptuously Serene

Tagaytay cafes are best for sumptuous food, good ambience, and spectacular views

If you want to experience breathtaking sceneries as you partake of good food and a lot of caffeine, there are a lot of Tagaytay cafés that would satisfy you.  Because of its pleasant weather and accessibility, Tagaytay has become a popular weekend destination especially for Metro Manila residents. Regardless of how often you visit, there’s … Read more