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Dining Places in BGC: 15 Must-Visit

Lots to savor and experience in any of the great dining places in BGC

Being one of the hippest destinations in the metro, the Bonifacio Global City neighborhood always has something fresh and delicious. Its affluent streets are lined with shops offering different gastronomic experiences, serving a variety of cuisine that appeals to a wide range of palates. Indeed, these dining places in BGC will always be a must-visit … Read more

An Oasis in the Metro: Bonifacio Global City Neighborhood Guide

Bonifacio Global City

Metro Manila, with its busy streets and bustling commercial centers and business district, can truly be overwhelming. The daily hustle and bustle can make one long for some respite that doesn’t involve a trip out of town, which can be a hassle in itself. Good thing there’s a place like the Bonifacio Global City for … Read more