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Factors to Consider When Buying a Condo

Check out our tips for buying a condo to avoid future headaches.

Not everyone wishes to have a dream house. Nowadays especially, it seems more and more common for people to dream of buying a condo. Condominium units have their appeal. While your heart might be set on buying your condo soon, there are several factors you should think about before diving head-first into the market. Whether … Read more

Living Alone: Moving Out in Your 20s

living alone give independence and a lot of responsibilities

Living alone is probably ideal and only possible during your 20s. Before that, you would be residing at home with your family (where meals are always ready on the table, and your laundry miraculously took care of itself). Or you were living with your friends in a fun yet not-so-hygienic share house. Before your significant … Read more

10 Luxury Condominiums in Metro Manila Worth Checking Out

luxury condominiums in metro manila offer both opulence and great amenities

Luxury condominiums in Metro Manila are a breed apart. Not only do they command a very high price tag, they also have features and characteristics that the rest wouldn’t have. These include being in a strategic location and having unimpeded vistas, distinctive architecture, fewer units per floor, a spacious area, and an ideal ceiling height. … Read more

Foreclosed Properties: To Buy or Not To Buy

foreclosed properties may be a good investment

Whether it’s for business or personal use, foreclosed properties may be a worthy investment. This particularly holds true in this (almost) post-pandemic world.  COVID-19 wrought havoc on the economy, negatively affecting a lot of industries. That included real estate. During the height of the pandemic, people stopped buying properties and started selling the ones they … Read more

Best Place To Live: 10 Factors To Consider

best place to live

 Since the dawn of man, there have been two perpetual questions running in their restless minds: “What to eat?” and “Where to live?” Finding the best place to live, especially, can be a challenge, as there are so many factors to consider in choosing the perfect place to settle down. Worry not, as we have … Read more

RFO Units: 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy

Why You Should Buy an RFO Unit

There are two kinds of buyers of residential properties: those who don’t mind waiting for several months for the house they are purchasing to be built and those who want to move into their new home immediately. It’s for this latter reason that RFO units exist. (No, they’re not related to UFOs.)  What Are the … Read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Foreclosed Properties

buying foreclosed properties

If you’ve been looking into property or home ownership for quite some time, you may already have come across the term “foreclosed properties” in your search. Foreclosed properties are those that have been taken over by lenders because the previous owners had been unable to pay their monthly amortizations.   Although it may seem complicated and … Read more