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Housing Problems in the Philippines: Solutions  

housing problem philippines

Housing problems in the Philippines are a serious issue that can stall the rapid development and growth of the country. The economy and infrastructure of the country may be improving, but experts say the lower segments of the socioeconomic classes don’t feel this.     The housing backlog in the Philippines is a whopping 3.9 million households, … Read more

Deed of Absolute Sale: Everything To Know

Purchasing real estate can be quite intimidating especially for first-timers, given all the procedures and legal documents that need to be submitted. Being familiar with all the necessary papers should keep you safe from fraud and other potential problems in the future. The Deed of Absolute Sale is one of the most important legal documents … Read more

Rights and Obligations of Condo Unit Owners

condo unit owners

Like veritable mushrooms, condominium buildings have sprouted all over Metro Manila in just a few decades. From merely being a complement to office spaces in the Makati central business district in 1970 with a measly 12 units completed that year, condominium development easily took off so that as the ‘80s rolled by, that number rose … Read more

Property Laws: A Closer Look at the Maceda and Recto Laws

property laws

Property laws may seem too overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Today, we will be discussing the laws that govern the terms of installment payments both on personal and real estate properties. You need to know your rights as a buyer here because installments aren’t exactly as straightforward as it looks.  Prices of basic goods … Read more