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Living Alone: Moving Out in Your 20s

living alone give independence and a lot of responsibilities

Living alone is probably ideal and only possible during your 20s. Before that, you would be residing at home with your family (where meals are always ready on the table, and your laundry miraculously took care of itself). Or you were living with your friends in a fun yet not-so-hygienic share house. Before your significant … Read more

Best Places to Retire in the Philippines

Take a pick of the best places to retire in the Philippines

For a lot of foreigners, retiring in this part of the world is a no-brainer because of the many things it offers aside from its majestic landscapes. The list of the best places to retire in the Philippines is rather long. The country has nearly everything for everyone, regardless of lifestyle, with its 7,107 islands … Read more

Investing in Philippine Real Estate: The OFW’s Home Buying Guide

Investing in Philippine Real Estate: The OFW's Home Buying Guide

Are you a current Overseas Filipino Worker looking for opportunities to grow your savings before returning to the country? Enduring the loneliness and distance away from your families in order to look for greener pastures abroad is a tough and brave sacrifice many Filipinos face.