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Home Renovation 101: Improve Your House on a Budget 

Your house may be great when it was originally constructed. However, if you have been living in it for a a long time, it would start to feel and look outdated. Thus, the need for a makeover or home renovation. This becomes even more apparent if your family has grown a lot bigger since then. It could be due to additional children or if they have grown up. One of them may have gotten married and decided to stay in the house with their spouse. You’d surely need to make more room to accommodate them to make the house functional and comfortable to live in. 

You can also have your house renovated just because you have grown tired of its looks inside and out. 

How much would a home renovation cost in the Philippines? 

Once you have decided that a makeover is what your house needs, the next question to ask is how much budget would you need to shell out? 

House renovation experts peg the average cost between P15,000 to P20,000 per square foot. It would depend on the kind and extent of work that you want to do to your house. Also, who would be doing the job (friends or relatives should give you discounts for their services/products). Here are the different costs per square meter for each kind of renovation: 

P7,000 – P10,000 (Simple Renovation)—This covers minor repairs to the garage or roofing that has seen better days. It could also be a makeover done to a room, mostly by applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls and ceilings. 

P15,000 – P20,000 (Basic/Average Renovation)—This applies to a middle-class house that needs to have some of its structural parts changed due to wear and tear. It can also cover the cost of constructing a simple room in an extra space on the ground floor of the house. 

P27,000 – P35,000 (Above-Average Renovation)—You can expect higher quality materials to be used for this kind of home makeover as well as some complex redesign of existing structures. You would be needing the services of a civil engineer, architect, and contractor. They will make sure that your house’s foundations and walls are strong enough to support your new design. 

P55,000 and up (Major Renovation)—Premium quality materials for an all-out makeover for a high-end home would jack up the price. This usually means a change in the theme of the house design, which includes new furniture, décor, and paint job. For this kind of renovation, you will most likely need to stay somewhere else until the renovation is finished. 

What about a house extension?  

Adding an extension to your existing home is an above-average renovation, like transforming your bungalow to a two-story affair. This is usually the case when there is an addition to the family. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, people needed to set up an office for the work-from-home members of the family or as a quiet room for students on distance learning. Without a spare room to serve as such, the next best thing was to create one. The extra space on the ground floor can serve that purpose (which would be less costly as discussed earlier). In the case of bungalows, you can add a second floor. (The latter option is costlier.) 

To begin with, you’d have to have an engineer determine if your existing structure can support the weight of a second floor. Or, if it’s feasible (and safe!) to dig under the house to install a basement. Then you’d have to expect a bigger budget for any of the two as compared due to the complicated structural nature of a second-floor room or a basement.  

And so, for a 20-square-meter second floor or basement, you’d have to allocate around P600,000. For something with an area of 100 square meters, you will need to fork out about P3 million. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart (wallet), and mind you, this is just an above-average renovation. For high-end renovation, a 100-square meter area of home makeover will set you back at a minimum of P5.5 million. Double that area and you’re looking at an 11-million-peso budget at the least. 

Home renovation on a budget 

Don’t let the total cost of renovation scare you from satisfying your need to do a home makeover. There are ways to give your house the fresh look you desire with a few ingenious moves that won’t cause you an arm and a leg. Here are some of the best ideas from the experts: 

Paint it till you make it

You might not realize it until you have tried it, but your house could just needs a fresh coat of paint inside and out to breathe a new life into it. It’s also less expensive and easier to do than tearing down your walls. You also don’t need to hire a house painter to do the job. With the right tools and some help from family and friends, you can get that satisfying shade for your walls and ceiling in no time. 

Let there be more light

Another trick to making an old house cheerful is to brighten it up. You don’t have to put holes in your walls to add windows but instead, go for the hassle-free and less costly light pipes that effectively do the trick of distributing natural light throughout the house. 

Go for alternatives

Sure, pricey furniture and home décor will give your tired house the oomph it needs but that would mean jacking up your home makeover budget. So instead, look for cheaper alternatives or have them made by a local carpenter using inexpensive materials. 

Get rid of the clutter

You might be surprised to find out that by getting rid of unwanted furnishings and other knickknacks, you actually have an extra space that you could convert into an extra room to serve as your office. So instead of paying big for the construction of an extension of your house, it’s something minimal that you need to shell out. 


Repurpose any material you can get your hands on so that you won’t have to buy everything just to give your house a fresh look. Old cabinets can become tables, old doors into tables—you get what we mean. 

Use plants

So easy, right? A lot of times, adding greenery to a house’s extension is all you need to give it new life. So, unleash that plantito/plantita spirit and see how much you can save even as you brighten up your home. Besides, it’s good for the environment. 

Let art do it

Paintings, photographic prints, and other works of art bought cheaply online or from garage sales will give an interesting character to your otherwise boring walls. Even a used wide mirror can add the same effect, especially if strategically placed in your living room. 

Home renovation tips to keep in mind 

Should you decide that your house needs a full-on renovation even with a limited budget, then we say, go for it. But make sure to follow these simple tips before you start anything. These will help you work within your budget and still achieve the new or improved look you would want for your house:

  1. Plan and prepare first – ask yourself these questions: What do I want to achieve with the house makeover? What budget can I afford for it? What can I get for free/at a discount and what should I need to splurge on? These and other related concerns should guide you when you start planning for the renovation. It also includes doing your research on materials cost as well as professional fees should you decide that you need to get their services. 
  1. Stick to your budget – this is easier said than done especially at crucial junctures when you have to decide between two materials or products to be incorporated into the renovation process. But, if you have done your due diligence during the planning stage, then it will be easier to decide and spend within your allocated budget. 
  1. When in doubt, consult the professionals – sure they cost money, but they also make sure that you don’t make the mistake of spending your tight budget on materials and stuff that will prove to be a bust later on. Remember, you get what you pay for, and the advice of experts in their field will help you avoid paying for something that will give you a lot of headaches and more expenses in the future. 

Final thoughts 

Next to having your dream house constructed, a home renovation is something that every one of us looks forward to at some point in our lives. It’s because it allows us to relive the original excitement of the prospect of a new home but at a fraction of the cost and with lesser hassle to boot.  

So, if you feel your house requires a makeover, go ahead and do it, but make sure you keep in mind the tips and information we have provided here. And for more related articles on homes and real estate in general, make sure to bookmark our page, enta.ph/resources. For a listing of properties that might interest you or your friends, go to enta.ph