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Heritage towns in the Philippines: Worth the Visit

you should visit heritage towns in the philippines such as vigan at least once.

Those who value Filipino culture and traditions will be thankful that heritage towns in the Philippines, and even heritage houses, have endured. This is despite the continuous modernization of our society. From clothing and music to architecture, there have been obvious transformations in people’s preferences throughout the years. Indeed, more and more homes, buildings, and … Read more

Historical Sites in Intramuros: 10 Must-Visit

Intramuros offers historical sites that you need to visit at least once

When thinking about the historical sites in Intramuros, the first ones that come to mind are the well-known Fort Santiago, the Romanesque architecture-inspired Manila Cathedral, the 400-century old San Agustin Church, and the panoramic Baluarte de San Diego. These   These places best express the cultural heritage and history of the Philippines. Whether you’re a local … Read more

Inside the Walled City: Intramuros Neighborhood Guide


You’ve probably read about Intramuros in history books, heard stories about it from your parents and grandparents, and maybe even visited it once in your life as part of an educational tour in school. If that is the case, we’re quite sure that you haven’t fully experienced its captivating charm.   This district located right at … Read more